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Ultramagic Friendship Balloon Ultramagic Friendship Balloon Ultramagic Friendship Balloon Ultramagic Friendship Balloon Ultramagic Friendship Balloon

The concept

Ultramagic would like to thank WINDOW ON THE WORLD, London for their cooperation in the design of the Ultramagic Friendship Balloon

"The balloon of friendship"

The “Friendship Balloon” is born with the mission of promoting friendship and the value of trust and unity in relationships between people worldwide.

The project aims to provide a more humanist society vision compared to an existing one that some people believe has become at times too selfish and competitive. Friendship should become again a key element for a new relationship between people. The concept reinforces the value of sharing in order to open new paths that lead us to live new experiences together.

Friendship should also provide a safeguard in difficult times and situations so that we know who we can count on and depend on.

We at Ultramagic have always imagined the world of ballooning as a way of trying to promote, above other things, the friendship between the people with whom we have the good fortune to meet over the years.

This friendship was, from the very outset, the driving force that took us to spend our first time together as fellow adventures. It was also the basis for the creation of Ultramagic - born as the union of four friends, the owners of Ultramagic, who are still close friends after more than 30 years.

In our professional business relationships we have also been trying to promote links beyond our own work that leads us to share this same type of friendship.

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Ultramagic Friendship Balloon NGO Project Donations


With more than 300 pilots having already flown the Ultramagic Friendship Balloon so far, a significant amount of money has now been donated for the planned NGO charity project.

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