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Pilot instructions

A request will not automatically guarantee the use of the balloon. Flight approval will be dependant on a number of factors including appropriate pilot experience, pilot location and balloon hand over logistics. However every attempt will be made to accommodate as many flight requests as possible during the period of operation of the balloon.

The balloon type is an Ultramagic Tekno 70 travel pack balloon and consists of the envelope, basket and burner complete with flight manual and the balloon log book. This log book must be completed accurately after the flight. There will also be promotional material for a presentation stand for promoting the concept of the “Friendship Balloon” flight, where applicable.

Fuel cylinders with fuel are to be supplied by the pilot flying the balloon for the intended flight. Details of these cylinders, with approvals, must be sent to Ultramagic before the flight is made. Only then will approval for flight be granted by Ultramagic

The pilot must ensure that suitable and safe weather conditions are available on the day for their planned flight with minimal risk for damage to the balloon. The pilot must ensure that the balloon is maintained in accordance with the Ultramagic Maintenance manual requirements whilst in their possession. Any damage made to the balloon whilst in the pilot’s possession must be repaired by an approved person or facility with the costs paid by the pilot involved. The balloon log book must be signed off ready for flight service, as required, to maintain airworthiness for the next pilot before the “hand over”.

We believe a balloon pilot will see it as a special honour to fly the “Friendship Balloon” just once. It will give the possibility of being part of a unique experience that will help raise awareness of the spirit of ballooning to a large number of people around the world and at the same time conveying the value of friendship as the bond of union between people.

As a participant in the “Friendship Balloon” project - the fact that they can fly only once as a pilot, will mean that they will become a named person as part of a projected world record.

No pilot must fly the balloon twice as this will spoil the whole idea of the “Friendship Balloon”. Even if the flight is only a short one it must be the only flight. Making more than one flight would also prevent the planned number of pilots to be able to make a flight and reduce the overall number of pilots involved.

It is proposed that the pilots who will fly the “Friendship Balloon” will make a donation that will be given in full to an NGO for the construction of a social facility (details to follow). For example a figure of 1 Euro to 5 Euro a minute flown should be considered. The project has the target of reaching a charity amount of 20,000 Euros. All pilots involved are invited to help the “Friendship Balloon” project beat this target. We will send to each pilot participant a diploma of your flight and the pilot jersey of the “Friendship Balloon”.