Use of the Ultramagic FlightPack

The Friendship balloon comes with a Tablet where is a FlightPack App to load the tracks, photos and all the data of the flight. Below is explained how to use it

  1. Open the cover.
  2. If not started, push the top left button to start the Android Tablet
  3. Open the UM FlightPack (yellow balloon with UM)
  4. Pre-flight
    1. Place and weather (needed internet connection)
      1. Center in the location where you are going to fly or looking at search place
      2. Set the QNH
      3. If area is still not downloaded, download it
      4. Check meteo forecast
      5. You can add other web locations of weather
    2. Load Calculator
      1. Choose your balloon
        1. Envelope weight 62 Kg
        2. Basket weight 45 Kg
        3. Burner+frame weight 15 Kg
      2. Kind of flight
        1. Temperature at TO
        2. Elevation at TO
        3. Maximum altitude to fly
      3. Choose the cylinders to fly.
      4. Account the passengers in average
    3. Check any doubt in the Manuals
  5. Flight
    1. Attach the tablet in a pole
    2. Start tracking (screen top right)
    3. Look at the Flight tracker
    4. Look at the Flight instruments (still not approved)
    5. Take pictures (still not connected actively)
    6. Stop tracking after landing
  6. Post Flight
    1. Check the logbook and add the necessary data
    2. Send it automatically or to friendship@ultramagic.com when possible by email copying the data
    3. To send the track file mark kml on top of the Logbook page

The track does not stop when you put the cover, so if expected hard landing, keep it in the bag with the cover on in a safe place. You need to stop it with same button.